The past year has been like no other. Not only have we had the normal worries of life, but we have had to worry about potential layoffs and contracting a deadly virus. While it might seem like you do not have time, it is actually very important to take a vacation. 

Vacation Tips:

1. Get Away

As mentioned in the intro to this post, this year has been full of more stress than ever before. Getting away from work or just your everyday routine can help prevent burnout or feeling overwhelmed. 

Remember, a vacation can be as simple or complex as you make it. While it might be nice to go to an exotic location, that is not necessary to reap the benefits of getting away. Because of increased travel prices, it may not be financially feasible. Instead, consider visiting a national or state park. Most parks have free or low-cost admission. Getting outdoors can help relieve stress while providing fun for the entire family. 

If you cannot get away from home, consider just spending time at home, doing nothing! Anything that gets you away from the “rat race” of life will help you to feel rejuvenated.

 2. Be on vacation and unavailable 

Before leaving for vacation, be sure to set a vacation responder message so that your colleagues know that you are unavailable. Resist the urge to respond to text messages, calls, or emails unless it is necessary. If your main reason for taking a vacation is to relieve stress, you are not doing yourself a favor by responding to messages that are not urgent. 

However, it is probably a good idea to establish a list of issues that require your immediate attention with your colleagues and supervisors. Make sure that they know that you are unavailable except for a specific set of extenuating circumstances. 

3. Be open to inspiration. 

Take time while on vacation to realize the beauty around you, especially if visiting a National Park. Use your time away from routine to think about your life and how it can be improved. Sometimes we do not realize the inefficiencies or problems with our lifestyle. Time away from the normal allows you to step back and make sure that you are happy with how things are going. You may realize that it is time for a career change, or even that you can wake up later. 

In conclusion, vacations are necessary to relieve stress and help you “reset” your life. Even if it is as simple as one day off, a vacation can be helpful by maintaining your stress levels. 

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