What is a Virtual Career Expo?

Like the name suggests, a virtual career expo is an opportunity for employers and job seekers to connect virtually through the use of an online platform. FindAJobPA, MegaRock FM, Penn State DuBois, and the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the Spring 2021 Virtual Career Expo using the Brazen platform. Watch this video for more information about the Brazen platform!

A virtual career expo is different from a job board. This is an opportunity for employers and job seekers to actually meet each other during a specific time frame within a virtual environment. Employers have the opportunity to perform interviews right through the platform, and they can easily communicate with candidates in real time!

Benefits of a Virtual Career Expo

Virtual career expos can provide a much more targeted group of candidates

Virtual career expos give employers the opportunity to communicate with multiple candidates at one time. More privacy is experienced this way as well. This means that you will be able to make more connections and have effective, private conversations with potential candidates. And if you find the perfect candidate in the process? Using an online platform, you can interview them right then and there by using video conferencing tools.

Virtual career expos can drastically improve a company’s recruitment marketing as well. Invitations can be sent to a very targeted group of candidates, and online events are typically much more convenient for them to attend than in-person events. These types of events allow the employers to really track their ROI a lot easier and quicker as well. They are known to have higher attendance of candidates because they do not have to worry about as many other obligations that might be occurring at the same time. 

Virtual career expos are much more convenient and oftentimes are less costly

Virtual career expos come at a significantly lower cost than in-person events. Even without considering the amount that you’re saving from the cost of becoming a vendor, imagine the costs that are being saved from not needing to travel. You also don’t need as many staff members available at the site to be able to perform interviews and gather information. There is no need to have physical marketing materials laid out for the candidates, either. This is a huge cost savings for some companies. Registering for a virtual career expo reduces the stress of combing through every application to find the best candidates. Instead, the software can typically do that for you. Virtual career expos save the company time and resources by eliminating some of the hassle involved with attending an in-person event.

What to do before the Event

  • Engage with candidates early on
  • Improve your employer brand before reaching out
  • Find the answers to questions that your target audience may have

 During the Event           

  • Invest in early candidates to put in their best effort
  • Break down in-person barriers
  • Create a meaningful and long-term impression

 After the Event

  • Continue to build and nurture your qualified connections


Spring 2021 Virtual Career Expo hosted by FindaJobPA, MegaRock, Penn State Dubois, and the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce



If you are interested in registering as an employer for the Spring 2021 Virtual Career Expo, please visit this page for more information!