With 44 million people filing for unemployment since March in the United States, there is no shortage of job seekers. What this means for businesses like yours is that now is actually a great time to hire. There is simply far less competition than there was a couple of months ago. However, you will need to act fast, because the situation will probably change very soon.

It is time to start getting aggressive with your recruiting. This will send a strong message to others that your business is strong, stable, and healthy amidst a national crisis and will be hiring. People are looking for some sort of stability, which is why businesses like yours should be crafting their recruiting and their company to “sell” that idea to job seekers.

Ease Up On Resume Gaps

With 75% of HR Professionals citing skills shortages as a reason for recruiting difficulty, it would make sense to conclude that companies would be hiring skilled workers left and right during this time of mass unemployment. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Oftentimes, hiring managers are apprehensive about inviting prospective job seekers to interviews when they see gaps in their resumes. Also, if they are applying for a job that is below their skill level, it can be another reason a hiring manager will disregard them for a position.

There have been millions of people laid off at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that some people will already have resume gaps that are a few months long. People are hurting enough as it is. You can help ease the challenges they face by giving them the opportunity to present themselves as worthwhile assets to your business. If you have been looking at employment gaps as part of evaluation rubrics, you should consider removing that criteria for the time being.

Invest in Top Talent

If you can always maintain a willingness to hire top talent regardless of the economic climate, this can provide you with a major competitive advantage, especially once the temporary economic hardships or instabilities pass.

Be different than most companies who are short-sighted and act irrationally whenever there is a crisis. History has shown us the businesses that succeed the most are the ones who see the opportunity within a crisis and use it to their advantage. This allows them to speed far ahead of their competitors and never look back.

Wrapping Up

Adapt your hiring process to align with the unusual circumstances millions of people are in. Open your business up to getting top talent that may not have been available to you previously. You can take advantage of the exceptional and short-lived opportunity that exists. You will have to act fast, though. This is a small window of opportunity that may very well close soon. Take advantage of the moment and start recruiting right away.

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