Now that we are successfully flattening the curve, stay-at-home orders are being lifted, and people are starting to return to work. With this shift occurring, there are a few questions employers and employees in Pennsylvania are asking.

Do employees have to come into work?

Yes, if employers demand it. Of course, if employees have accrued paid time off, or its equivalent, they are free to use it. If not, they will have to come into work if they are asked to. If you are an employee of a company where it’s mandated for employees to physically come into work, you run the risk of getting fired if you don’t.

While this may stir of anxiety in some people, you can rest assured that most employees are being understanding and are flexible. This is especially true if they have seen that employees have been working remotely without any issues. In many cases, productivity has gone up after people started working from home.

Will hiring be affected by COVID-19 restrictions?

Most businesses in PA appear to have put their hiring on hold for the time being. While people can still apply for open positions, they will have to be patient, since hiring has slowed down significantly. Avoid pushing too hard or reaching out multiple times to a company to make sure they received your application or resume.

When some companies are still hiring, they are holding interviews remotely by either phone or video calls. If you are fortunate enough to land an interview during this transitional time, come prepared and dressed just as you would to an in-person interview. Use these tips to level up your resume too.

Restrictions in Pennsylvania Are Being Lifted

Now that most of the northern and western parts of Pennsylvania have entered into the “yellow” phase of restrictions, those areas can start getting back to resuming normal business operations. If you reside in any of the 24 countries that have seen restrictions lifted, you will be faced with the choice of either asking employees to come into work or being asked by an employer to do so.

While employers are given the authority to decide whether to require their employers to come into work or not, governor Tom Wolf cannot enforce employee protections. This means that even if an employer demands their employees show up to work, yet employees feel it is unsafe, the only thing they can do is quit.

Now that we are in a transition period, things can look a little messy. However, most employers are being reasonable, and hiring is still occurring, albeit more slowly. Restrictions will continue to ease up, and soon enough, this challenging time will be behind all of us.

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