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August 27, 2021
DuBois, PA
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The U.S. Air Force is the world’s preeminent force in air, space and cyberspace. We maintain that distinction by maintaining our objective of global vigilance, reach and power and remaining true to our vision statement: The World’s Greatest Air Force—Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation. Through shared values, key capabilities and upholding our Airman’s Creed, we continue to achieve our mission and aim high in all we do.

We pride ourselves in providing every Airman with unsurpassed educational opportunities to develop into even stronger Airmen. We invest time and resources to fuel innovation in order to help you achieve your goals and bring out your highest potential. When you enlist in the Air Force with a high school diploma or GED in hand, you’ll not only get hands-on training to learn a job integral to the Air Force, you’ll also earn college credits toward an associate degree.

Joining the Air Force is a life-changing decision and opportunity. Airmen fulfill important roles in service to our country, enjoy a close-knit community and embrace a global lifestyle. It’s a journey that’s full of growth and opportunity. Take time to learn about all aspects of Air Force life, make the right preparations, and discover how joining can be a good fit for your future.

An exciting and rewarding career in the U.S. Air Force is waiting for you, and it all starts here. Contact your local recruiter to begin the process of determining your path and becoming an Airman.

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TSgt Kevin Hollander

Cell: 814-591-3604

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: TSgt Kevin Hollander

Instagram: usairforcedubois

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