Hey everyone and Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022. 

It’s the start of another year, and for those of us in the recruiting world that means one of the busiest hiring months of the year. That’s good news for job-seekers too as there are more jobs on the market as you hang up that new calendar. 

For this month’s blog post, I’ll be suggesting some “new year’s resolutions” for the job market, and I encourage you to share your own with a comment on this post. 

So without further ado, let’s get started on those new year’s resolutions!

For Job Seekers: Apply, Apply, Apply

This may sound super basic, but the best thing to do if you haven’t had success in the job market in 2021 is to apply for more jobs. Let’s unpack that further. 

When you’re looking at a job, your brain is going through multiple calculations to determine if that job is a good fit. Depending on your situation, you might be weighing a long commute against a larger salary or more benefits, or figuring out if a career change is worth it. My advice to you is, unless the job looks like something you’d never do even for a million dollars, go ahead and submit your application. Most companies these days have “easy applications” or work with sites like LinkedIn to reduce the amount of forms you have to fill out to apply. 

Once you’ve applied, do something to log that application. Write it down or send yourself an email noting the application. Some folks even use a spreadsheet to track how many jobs they’ve applied for and what the outcome is. When applying for multiple jobs, it’s helpful to be able to see the bigger picture of which jobs you’re applying for, and what industries they’re in. 

You can also brainstorm a list of potential jobs similar to ones you’ve already applied for. If you’re looking for warehouse jobs, perhaps something at the USPS or UPS would be a good next step, career-wise. If you were planning a dinner for 20 people, you probably wouldn’t go to the grocery store without at least a basic list. How much more so with jobs you’re applying for! That is literally what is putting food on your table. 

Another benefit of applying for many jobs is it increases the likelihood that you’ll be sitting on multiple competing offers. This puts the ball in your court as a job-seeker, as you can bid the offers against each other to see which employer wants you the most, and what they will do to hire you – whether it’s a more competitive salary, better benefits, telework, or something else, these things usually work in your favor. 

And remember, in the midst of all this applying, don’t lose sight of the main goal – YOU WANT TO FIND A JOB. It can be discouraging and overwhelming applying for jobs, especially if you’re unemployed while doing so, but take heart and remember – you only need to find one job. And if you’re looking for a great place to start your 2022 job search, check out all our open positions on FindAJobPA.com, PA’s #1 local job board. 

For Recruiters: Post, Post, Post

Alright recruiters, you’ve heard my advice to job-seekers. Now let’s talk about some ways you can make 2022 your best job season yet. The most obvious way to get more job applicants is to list your jobs in more places. If more people can SEE your jobs, statistically, it’s more likely that you’ll get more job applicants. 

However, as you and I both know, just increasing application numbers isn’t enough. These candidates have to be QUALITY candidates that eventually turn into HIRES. It does you no good if you’re trying to fill 10 positions, get 100 applicants, and have to turn 98 of them away because they’re not a good fit. Better to get just 10 applicants and hire all of them.That’s why you need to be SMART about where, when, and how you post your jobs.

Where to post

When it comes to job boards (and media in general), not everything is created equally. Some job boards promise huge reach, but it often comes at the expense of quality. Other forms of media like radio and billboards charge a lot up front without a clear way to track your ROI. It all comes down to a simple principle: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Think about your ideal candidate(s) – where do they live? What do they like? What forms of media do they consume? If you’re trying to reach recent college grads, a radio ad probably isn’t the best way to reach them. An internet job board would reach them where they’re at and provide better ROI for you as a recruiter. 

With that being said, especially if there is no charge or a low charge to post your jobs on multiple job boards, go ahead and do that. Each job board has its own unique ways of reaching candidates, and oftentimes job seekers will bounce around different job boards looking for that perfect job, so the more boards you’re on, the higher your chances of finding those quality candidates. 

When to post

Give yourself plenty of time to find the right candidates. Now, we all know that sometimes you need a candidate ASAP, and many times that decision was out of your control. Barring those situations, allow at least a week from when you post that job to when you start getting those quality candidates applying. It takes time for job board algorithms to learn which search terms and candidates match your posts, and certainly from the job-seeker’s perspective applying for a job isn’t always an instantaneous decision. So someone might see your job on a Monday but not apply until Wednesday, and then they may not be available for an interview until Friday or that next Monday. Don’t stress out – let the algorithms direct the right folks to your jobs and then lean on YOUR skills as a recruiter to interview candidates and find the perfect fit for your opportunities. 

How to post

Gone are the days of a short newspaper ad that read “clerk needed, apply in store.” Job seekers want to know as much about a job as possible before applying. So when you’re writing that job description, include as much information as you can about the nature of the role, common expectations, company culture, required and recommended experience, and even salary if you’re allowed to include it. You’re already asking a lot of that job seeker sitting on your job application page – they have to give you personal information, a history of their entire career, and usually answers to job-specific questions. The least you can do is be honest and up-front with them about your position. And remember, if you’re looking for a great place to post your job(s) and reach QUALITY CANDIDATES in your area, visit our job posting page at FindAJobPA.com/Post-A-Job

Well folks that’s all for this month. Hopefully this article has given you some tips and strategies to make 2022 your best year ever for applying for jobs and filling jobs. 

As always, I’m available to answer any questions, and I’d love to hear your feedback on this post!

Until next time,