Entry Level Jobs You Should Apply For Even If You Have No Experience

We all have to start somewhere.

Maybe you’ve just graduated high school. Maybe you recently got your college degree. Or perhaps have decided to change from one type of career to a new field.

An entry-level job is the first step to getting your foot in the door in a company.  It also builds up the skills and experience you’ll need to eventually move up to a higher-ranking position.

Like with any job, you’ll want to consider what type of entry-level job would be best for your current skill set, your goals, your personality, and your lifestyle. Most of these jobs can be started even if you have little to no experience in the given field.

Read about some of the most common types of entry-level positions, what the jobs entail, and what people are best suited for that area of work.

Then… start applying! You never know where an entry-level job can help you end up.

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Customer service representative

You’ll see this job listing more than almost anything else. That’s because, depending on the company, customer service representatives could mean a wide variety of things.

It could be a cashier at a grocery store. It could be someone who answers questions via phone. It could be someone who helps customers understand their bills.

Either way, you need good people skills and a friendly attitude.

Sales account representative

If you have a charming personality and can convince people to see things your way, a job in sales might be for you! You need fantastic interpersonal skills… like knowing how to be persuasive without being pushy.

This job could focus on selling either physical products (a new couch) or more intangible services (like radio advertising campaigns).

This job might focus on selling to businesses or to individual people.

Medical billing or medical coding

There are a lot of people beyond nurses, doctors, and surgeons who work inside a hospital.

Someone needs to do the paperwork to make sure that people (and their insurance companies) are billed properly for their medical procedures.

If you don’t mind working with a computer for the majority of your day and are detail-oriented, the medical billing field could be a could option for a comfortable, steady job.

Administrative assistant

If you’re not quite sure exactly what you want to do but you know that you want to work at a certain type of company, consider applying for an administrative assistant job.

These positions usually focus on filling out paperwork, making phone calls to other companies, and maybe even sitting in on meetings to take notes.

You’ll be able to network with lots of departments and people, both inside your company and with other businesses.

This can be a great option if you are still deciding your long-term goals but know that you would like to work in an office setting.

Home health aid

The home health field needs caring, compassionate people who are willing to make life easier for others.

Generally, you will be providing care for an elderly person or someone who needs in-home care for another reason, such as a disability.

This might include helping with bathroom needs, bathing, cooking, feeding, and giving medications.

Although this can be quite a demanding job (both physically and emotionally), you’ll feel good knowing that you are truly making a difference in someone’s life.

Legal assistant or case clerk

Although some legal assistant positions require previous experience, some lawyers hire entry-level assistants to help with their paperwork.

Like other assistant jobs, you’ll need to be detail-oriented. It also helps to have a good grasp on writing and grammar, along with strong organizational skills.

If you’d like to eventually work in the legal field or if you want an office job with predictable hours, consider applying to be a legal assistant or case clerk.

Help desk support or IT

When something breaks, someone has to be there to fix it.

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so help desk support or IT specialists need to know how to solve problems with technology.

Yes, some IT jobs require previous experience, but you might be able to apply for entry-level positions in which you can learn the skills while working.

You’ll need more than just computer skills though… You’ll also need to be able to be friendly and helpful. Yes. Even when clients are frustrated because of their tech problems.

Machinist or factory worker

If you like seeing the fruits of your labor, a factory job or working in a machine shop could be satisfying.

You’ll get to work with your hands, and generally, you’ll work a routine and predictable schedule.

There is usually a lot of room for growth in these types of positions. You might start on the factory floor. Then, later, move up to a management position.


Some people just don’t want to be cooped up in an office or store.

If you have a clean driving record and don’t mind traveling around for the majority of your day, consider a job where you’ll be driving for a company.

This might include transportation companies, such as bus drivers or medical transport drivers.

It also could mean being a delivery person for a company and driving products to different stores.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to be comfortable driving a large truck or van, even in all sorts of weather.

If the vehicle is large enough, you might even have to take a test for an upgraded commercial license.

Start Applying!

Be honest with yourself about the kind of entry-level job you’d enjoy.

Also, keep in mind what skills would qualify you for that position. Just because you don’t have the experience, doesn’t mean you don’t have applicable skills.

Once you’ve thought about which one would best suit you, there’s nothing left to do but apply!

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