• Post Graduation Job Search Tips

Post-Graduation Job Search Tips

Hi Everyone and Happy Graduation! Melissa Varischetti here, owner of  It’s May, and that means graduation season! Whether high school, college, or graduate programs, pretty much everyone can count May as their final [...]

Celebrating 10 Years In Business

Hey everyone, Melissa Varischetti here, owner of  Did you know that this year is our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?! Way back in 2012 I took a major leap of faith and decided to become [...]

  • the job search luck skill or both

Job Searching: Luck, Skill, or Both?

Hi Everyone and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Melissa Varischetti here, owner of  This time of year, everyone’s talking about luck, four leaf clovers, and pots of gold. That made me think of an [...]

Why Looking For Jobs Is Like Dating

Hi everyone, Melissa here, owner of and Black & White Business Solutions.  It’s February, and basically since Christmas ended everyone’s been talking about Valentine’s Day, that interesting holiday between New Year’s and President’s [...]

  • new years resolutions for the job market

Job Market New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone and Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022.  It’s the start of another year, and for those of us in the recruiting world that means one of the busiest hiring months of the [...]

Tips For Capitalizing On Seasonal Work

Hi everyone, Melissa here, owner at, and I’m here with some helpful tips regarding seasonal and temporary work.  This time of year, it’s easy to find temporary work, especially with places like the [...]

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