Hey Everyone,

Melissa Varischetti here, owner of FindAJobPA.com. 

This month’s blog post is especially for recruiters, HR execs, and hiring managers eager to fill an open job. While I believe everyone can benefit from knowledge of the industry, I’m going to speak specifically to the job-posters in my blog this month. 

Even though the labor market has shown some signs of slowing down, many industries are still actively recruiting, and the more places you can post your job, the better the chances of finding that perfect candidate. As a recruiter, you’re painfully aware that not all job platforms are created equal, or provide the same level of control and targeting you need to get that job in front of the right candidates. 

Besides, when you’re juggling the day-to-day grind that is recruiting and HR management, it can be stressful to also manage your job board and make sure it’s delivering the right results. With over 10 years in the industry, I’ve seen pretty much everything, and I know how important it is to have a partner in the job searching field. 

That’s why (and this should not come as a surprise given the title of this post) I recommend you use our services at FindAJobPA.com for your next open job. Before you stop reading because it’s starting to sound like a sales call, allow me to share 3 quick reasons why you should consider us for your next job post:

You’re In Complete Control

We give you complete control over your job posting, and we let you customize your posts as much (or as little) as you want. You’re not going to be up late at night worrying about the technicalities. Want a direct link to your internal job posting? Done. Want customized text and calls-to-action? Also done. Want your text to match the colors in your logo? No trouble at all. You can send us any and all info about your open jobs, and we will make sure it’s on our site for all to see. 

You Can Customize Your Targeting And Audience At No Additional Cost

Through Facebook advertising (which also includes Instagram) our page will run ads for any of your jobs that you’ve got on our site, customized to your specifics regarding targeting, budget, and any other metrics that are relevant to you! Note this is in addition to the cost to post on our page, but 100% of your Facebook budget goes to Facebook. We don’t take anything in commission to run and track these ads for you. One of our clients saw almost 1000 link clicks and 60,000 people reached in their target location through Facebook ads in a 6-month period for just over $600 total spending. Additionally, our website reaches thousands of local job-seekers from across the US. Mostly from PA as that’s where the majority of our jobs are based, but we do see traffic from other states as jobs require it. So no matter which of our channels you choose to utilize, you’ll see some powerful analytics and get some great results. 

You’re Not Committed To A Contract

Our only requirement is you pay for 1 month-long spot on our job board at a time. We don’t force you into a multiple-month contract to qualify for advertising – it’s available to all our clients. However, if you’d like to discuss discount pricing for multiple listings or commit to a longer contract, I’m happy to talk to and work out the details. FindAJobPA.com isn’t a huge company with an 800 number – instead you get my 814 number and can talk directly to me! 

Well that about wraps it up for this month’s blog post. Hopefully you learned a little more about the services we can offer you to help you fill that open job. 

If you’d like to get in touch about posting a job, give me a call at (814) 590-6221, send me an email at [email protected], or visit FindAJobPA.com/Post-A-Job to learn more about what WE can do to help You fill your open positions!

Until next time,