2022 In 410 Words

Hi Everyone,

Melissa Varischetti here, owner of FindAJobPA.com.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost done with 2022. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I still feel like we’re back somewhere in 2021. Anyway, a lot has happened this year, especially from a recruiting / HR / job-seeker perspective, and I wanted to share a few quick things I’ve seen change in 2022 and some lessons we’ve learned, to help make 2023 even better, for this month’s blog post – and do it in 400 words or less. 

Remember around New Year’s last year, all everyone was talking about was how easy it was to find a job? Seems like there were “now hiring” signs up just about everywhere, and there were many more jobs than available job-seekers to fill them. I even heard stories of folks who showed up to one retail job for an 8am shift, then quit on their lunch break, walked down the street, and finished their workday for a different company. As a job-seeker, you really couldn’t have asked for a better environment. 

But like all good things, this super-hot job market seems to be coming to an end. While there are still plenty of job opportunities, the astronomical rate at which companies are hiring is slowing down. It’s harder to find jobs offering signing bonuses, let alone the multiple-thousand-dollar hiring bonuses we saw last year. And finally, as remote work is no longer a default option for many employers, previously-remote opportunities are now suddenly inaccessible to many job-seekers who don’t have the resources or willingness to relocate. 

So, if I had to put my finger on a main point from this piece of historical data, it would be this – if you see a good opportunity, take it. If you are looking for jobs and you find one that meets all your must-have criteria (or even most of them), go ahead and apply. After all, if you never apply, you definitely won’t get the job. Not to mention that the job might not be available later if you decide to wait a few months to apply. 

I know these monthly blog posts are usually much longer, but in the spirit of the holidays I wanted to give y’all some time back to enjoy the season, and also try to sum up an entire year in just 400 words. 

Have a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year’s!

Until next time,